Friday, October 23, 2015

Investing Update 10/23/15

My Investing Mission this week was to attempt to sell VZ, DE, and GIS stocks, and buy 1 new stock that will be paying out a dividend soon. I completed this Mission. The stock market was up the last two days, and it was a nice change of pace. Below is a summary of the gains from selling those stocks.

CompanyTickerBuy Price Sell PriceDifferenceDividend% Gain
John DeereDE$78.38$79.42$1.04$0.602.07%
General MillsGIS$57.14$58.12$0.98$0.442.45%

To determine the % Gain, I did the following - (Difference + Dividend - 0.02)/Buy Price. Remember that Robinhood doesn't charge commissions, but there is a $0.02 fee charged to selling stocks. I'm happy with any positive gain, and the fact I got a 4%+ gain with a stock makes me happy too. 

The other part of my Mission was to buy a new stock. I bought Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) for $36.56. It has a upcoming dividend of $0.56. 

At the time of writing this, my Robinhood Account is up over 11%. 



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