Thursday, October 15, 2015

Investing Page Update

It took longer than I wanted, but I found a preliminary solution to correctly displaying a Google Spreadsheet on my investing page. This was my Technology Mission for the week.

You can view my investing page by clicking the Investing tab above, or going here -

I looked through the Google Docs Help Forum the other night and couldn't find anything. I also tweeted for help with the #gHelp hashtag on Twitter. I haven't gotten a response yet from Google. I did find help in the Docs Help Forum tonight. -!topic/docs/RfE8tdDlzF4;context-place=topicsearchin/docs/change$20size

As you can see on my investing page, my portfolio spreadsheet has a larger display now. I'm still going to look into this issue, as I feel Google should have a tutorial on this, and I shouldn't have had to look on help forums for it. Now that I have the portfolio spreadsheet displaying correctly, I will work on updating my portfolio.

Side Note - I went on an early walk this morning, and it was great!



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