Saturday, October 24, 2015

Google Opinion Rewards

A legitimate app that lets you earn Google Play Store credit is called Google Opinion Rewards. With this app, you fill out short surveys and Google will pay you for taking these surveys. The payment is credit to the Play Store and you can use this money to buy apps, music, movies, etc.

I can't say for sure the frequency I get surveys to fill out, but I get one on average probably around every 3 days. They surveys are about places I've shopped at, things I'm interested in shopping for, politics, and more. I know Google is using this data to probably sell me ads or products, and I'm OK with that. You don't make a lot of money per survey, but for me, it ranges from $0.00 to $0.40, with the average around probably $0.17. My reward history has the complete breakdown of frequency and credit earned, so I will do a statistical analysis on this sometime.

If you have Android, I would recommend downloading this app. Again, it is a legitimate app, it's from Google! I have to decide what I want to spend my credits on, as I almost have enough money to buy a movie.



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