Thursday, October 29, 2015

General Updates

I've decided to give general updates on all MITCH topics tonight -

I'm about half way done with the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. I should be able to finish it by/on Saturday. The book is bringing up ideas about minimizing, de-cluttering, and organizing that I haven't heard of before. I will plan on sharing this book with friends or family to help them improve their lives.

There is a new update to the Robinhood App, so I'll include those updates tomorrow in my investing update post. Tomorrow's post will also talk about my trades for the week. As of right now, I'm up 12.04% since August. I could theoretically stop trading until next August, and still have a higher % return than my Roth IRA last year.

I'm starting to notice my phone dragging. Also, I'm still not happy with any messaging service on Android. I think within 6 months I'll have a new phone, and I'm still torn between the Google Nexus 6P and the Apple iPhone 6S+.

No major updates here, but I'm going to start using my reusable water bottle again. I'm stopped using it and I need to start using it again. I've been noticing a lot of plastic bottle waste by myself and others, and I need to lead by example. Also, No Shave November is starting soon. I talked about this in yesterday's post, and this is another way I'm conserving resources.

I've been trying to follow a routine in the mornings when I wake up. Part of the routine involves drinking a glass of water, stretching, an eating an orange. It is nice having some structure in the morning, although I'm not disciplined to following it 100% yet. Also, it's starting to get cold in Minnesota, so the options for doing outside activities are getting smaller.



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