Friday, October 9, 2015

General Mills

One of my missions this week was to "capture" a dividend payment. I bought one share of General Mills (GIS) for $57.14. The ex-dividend date was 10/7, the record date is the 12th, and the payment date is November 2nd. I chose GIS because I'm familiar with a decent amount of it's popular brands. The dividend payment hasn't shown up yet on the Robinhood App, but I believe it will after the market closes on the 12th.

My strategy with Robinhood App is to buy dividend stocks. I am considering "dividend capture", which is buying the dividend stock before the ex-dividend date and selling the stock on or after the ex-dividend date. This "captures" the dividend. I have been enjoying buying these stocks and not monitoring them every day. Doing dividend capture will add monitoring, but not too much. The biggest thing will be to make sure I don't sell the stock for less than the dividend amount.

Looking at the GIS website, they have information on their sustainability efforts. They have goals to reduce green house gas emissions (GHG), fuel usage, water usage, energy usage, and more. From their charts, it appears they are making improvements in these categories. I'm not an expert in analyzing sustainability efforts, but the fact that GIS is aware of and tracking these efforts, that works for me to invest in them right now. I will work on improving my understanding of company's sustainability reports.



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