Monday, October 5, 2015

Dividends, Wedding Weight, & Jack


In the month of September I received one dividend payment from McDonald's (MCD) for $0.85. I bought this share of MCD for $94.00 and sold it for $97.15. I made $3.15 from selling the stock, plus $0.85 from the dividend, minus the $0.02 cost of selling the stock, for a net profit of $3.98. This $3.98, divided by the original cost of $94.00, is a 4.23% gain. If I remember right, I bought this stock to capture the dividend. I know MCD isn't known to be health friendly, but I still think they're a good business. MCD is actively engaged in keeping their product line current and appealing to customers. On long trips, I am usually inclined to stop at McDonald's to use the bathroom and get a coffee/pop. I do not currently own any direct stock in MCD, but I'm not ruling them out in the future.

Wedding Weight

I was in a wedding this past weekend. I have learned that I always gain weight over long weekends like this. I weighed myself this morning at 223.4 pounds. I'm not happy, but I'm not mad either. Hopefully I can get close to 220 pounds by the end of the week. I don't think I over-consumed too badly this weekend, but there were a few instances were I consumed too many calories.


Today Jack Dorsey was announced the CEO of Twitter. Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter. This is an important update because we will continue to see updates coming from Twitter. Like I've previously said, it seems almost every other day the Facebook and Twitter apps on my phone have to be updated. With Jack formally announced as CEO, I think these updates will continue. The reason I still have faith and see value in Twitter is described in one of Jack's tweets today -



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