Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Deleting the Facebook App

I am strongly considering deleting the Facebook app on my smartphone based off of three reasons -

1. The size of the app
2. The frequency of updates
3. Reduction of being a phone zombie.

According to the app info on my phone, Facebook takes up 318 MB of storage on my phone. This the largest app on my phone. The next closest is Google Play Music app at 260 MB and the Google App at 109 MB.

I don't know the exact frequency at which Facebook is updating the app, but I feel like it's every other day or every 3 days the app is getting an update. I appreciate apps being updated, but it's starting to get annoying.

I'm working on not being a phone zombie. I feel if I deleted the Facebook app, this would reduce my time spent on my phone. I also think I would appreciate content more on Facebook if I was on a computer actually paying attention to it. Just like when I check my e-mail, I focus on e-mails better when sitting at a computer compared to checking it on my phone. Another reason for deleting the app is that content that my friends are sharing is turning into crap. Half of my news feed is just people sharing pictures from other pages/sites. Also, I've seen enough minion photos to last me a lifetime.

I haven't fully made my decision yet if I'm going to delete it, but I have a lot of good reasons for doing so. I'm leaning towards deleting it, and I will give an update if I do.



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