Monday, October 19, 2015

Cluttering My Apartment

The picture to the left is a good chunk of the items I was able to fit in my vehicle and haul back with me to my apartment. I'm going to unpack these things slowly. I'm going to evaluate it's use for me and where it will go before unpacking it. My living room will look like a mess, but it'll be worth taking extra time to unpack the right way.

I feel tired and somewhat drained from the long weekend of moving, getting rid of stuff, packing, and unpacking. My Minimalism Mission this week is to filter through all of these items. I probably won't get around to doing this until at least Wednesday, since I'm playing catch up from being gone this weekend.

I don't want to view having stuff as a bad thing. I am happy to have more of my stuff in my apartment now. I brought my coffee maker, so I can start making coffee again in the mornings. I brought my dish drainer, which will help with dishes. I brought my winter jackets/coats since temperatures are cooling off. I did bring bring a lot of clothes back with me too. I have 55 shirts (shirts being an encompassing term of things I wear on my torso), and this number will go up by quite a bit after my next shirt inventory.

I'm looking forward to filter through my stuff and taking inventory. I'm not looking forward to the shirt inventory, and I may donate some shirts before doing my inventory to hide how unnecessarily large my wardrobe is! Just kidding, I will be up front about how cluttered I am.



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