Saturday, September 26, 2015

Shirt Inventory

One of my missions this week was to do an inventory on all of my shirts. This is coming off a mission that had changed from the week earlier. I felt if I went another week with no updates, I would look bad. This blog is keeping me accountable!

I did my shirt inventory and it took probably around 20 minutes. I walked around my apartment with a pen and notebook and took notes on all of my shirts. I walked around my living room, laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom to get a count on everything. (I am trying to be a minimalist, I never said I was tidy). I then put my list of shirts into a Google Spreadsheet. Unfortunately, this count is not a complete count of all the shirts that I have. It is only a count of the shirts I have here in my apartment. I have more shirts back in my house that I haven't brought to my apartment yet.

I currently have 55 shirts in my apartment. Below are the results from my inventory!

I am not looking forward to adding to this inventory count once I get the rest of my shirts out of my house. I will be faced with the fact that I have way too many shirts, and that I need to downsize. I think having this data will be useful to figure out where I'm sitting for shirts. The next step after getting all of my shirts in inventory will be to figure out which ones I still wear. If I don't wear the shirt anymore, I will most likely get rid of it or donate it.

Do you think 55 shirts is too many? Do any of you have strategies for minimizing your wardrobe?



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