Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Robinhood App Update v 1.2.2

Robinhood is now on version 1.2.2. The previous version was 1.1.3. The update listed 3 updates. The first update doesn't really affect me, since the update allows Android phones with Marshmallow and a phone with a fingerprint reader to log into the phone with a fingerprint. (Marshmallow is the newest operating system coming to Android phones). The second update added the ability to change the e-mail address associated with your Robinhood account. I don't know how this was changed prior to the update. The third update is listed as fixing bugs. I haven't noticed too many bugs with Robinhood, but I didn't notice last week some glitches with stocks showing the price of stocks.

I haven't been checking the Robinhood app as much since investing in dividend stocks. I am currently working on getting my portfolio posted on the investing page of my blog. Below are some pictures of the app after the update and a picture of the updates listed on the Google Play store.



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