Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Robinhood App Update v 1.1.3

Robinhood is now on version 1.1.3. The previous version was 1.1.2. Part of the update is "Added after hours market data". I don't know how much I will use this feature once I start dividend investing, but I do see value in the update. I've been checking the Google Finance app before the markets open to somewhat gauge how the opening bell is going to go, although this isn't always a good indicator. It is also fun to see how the price of a stock can change after hours when earnings reports come out after hours.

There are pictures below that showcase the after hours data update. The picture on the left is v 1.1.2 and the picture on the right is v1.1.3.

I do hope to stay up to date on the versions of this app, because I've used it from the beginning since it was introduced on Android. Also because some apps seem to update all the time, and I can't always tell what is exactly changing with the new version.

Signed, Mitch

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