Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Removing Apps Part 2

I have a few reasons for removing non-essential apps on my phone. The first reason is that I don't need to be a smartphone zombie. I don't need to be constantly glued to my phone. Another reason is trying to maintain all of these apps on your phone, and keeping them updated. I looked at my apps on my phone and it said 25 apps needed to be updated. Some of these apps seem to be having updates every other day! (Looking at you Facebook and Twitter). Updates are great, but every other day is getting to be excessive. Some apps I never update, because I don't want to use them! (Looking at you Verizon - My post on Verizon Apps

I guess maybe I should be grateful that my phone is still getting updates, as my phone isn't new enough to get the latest Snapchat updates. I would like to know that my phone is up to date and I have the latest updates installed. I don't get that feeling currently, and I don't think I will unless i get an iPhone or a Nexus. 

By removing apps I don't need, it reduces the time I spend on updating apps, and will help me manage my phone. It will keep my memory from getting full and dealing with space issues later. I also want to reiterate it will reduce my chances of being a smartphone zombie. 


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