Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Printers and Paper

At my old job, I always had a printer near my office. At my new job, there is a nearby printer, but it's not as convenient to get to compared to my old job. This, along with not having to print out a bunch of documents yet, has really kept my office clean. I have a set of papers that is kind of my "training/priority guide" right now, and that's really the only loose, scribbled-on papers I have in my office.

Another change with this job is that I have 1 notebook dedicated to my job. I am writing in it page by page, in order of the days I work. Previously, I may have kept different notes in different places, but so far, I have kept all of my notes and thoughts all in 1 notebook. This is good for keeping things together, but I'm also keeping my eggs in 1 basket. If I were to lose that notebook, or spill something on it, I have the potential to lose a lot of my information I've written down for my job. I should work on digitizing it soon, before there are too many pages to digitize.

There is great value in printing, and I'm not advocating going 100% paperless. There are a lot of things I hate working on/reading on the computer, and I'd rather have a piece of paper. I was just thinking today how it was nice that my office was staying de-cluttered, and I trace that back to not being close to a printer and keeping all of my notes in one place.



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