Sunday, September 20, 2015

MITCH Mission W.E. 9/26/15

I am going to post about my 5 Missions this week that pertain to minimalism, investing, technology, conservation, and health. Three of these Missions will be similar to or the same as the ones I did not complete last week.

Minimalism - Count and document all of the shirts I have. This will be a more manageable Mission this week. This will be working towards counting and documenting everything I have.

Investing - Research and invest in 5 dividend paying companies. These companies should have sustainability programs or their products should promote sustainability.

Technology - Remove 1 non-essential app from my smartphone. This is the same as last week.

Conservation - Find an alternative to using traditional deodorant sticks.

Health - Weigh under 218 pounds.

Those are my missions for the week. I will talk about some of them on my posts this week, and I will talk about my completion rate this Saturday on 9/26/15.



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