Saturday, September 19, 2015

MITCH Mission Update W.E. 9/19/15

I gave myself 5 Missions this past Sunday to complete over the week, and I will now give an update on them. If the Mission is highlighted green, it was completed. If the Mission is highlighted red, it was not completed.

Minimalism - Count and document/inventory all of the items in my bedroom. This will be helpful to see what I have and what I can get rid of. 

Investing - Average down on my Netflix (NFLX) stock and sell it. I need to do this so I can start investing in dividend stocks. 

Technology - Remove 1 non-essential app from my smartphone. 

Conservation - Find an alternative to using traditional deodorant sticks. 

Health - Weigh under 220 pounds. 

I will discuss the items I completed, and I will take the non-completed items and adjust them into a new Mission this next week. Like I discussed on yesterday's post, I was able to average down on my NFLX stock and sell it off. This completed my investing goal. For my health goal, I weighed in this morning at 219.4 pounds. I was very shocked at this number. I felt like I ate too much food yesterday, and I thought this would "weigh" me down this morning. This is also the first time I've been below 220 pounds since 2007. I am very happy with this, and unlike previous weight loss endeavors, I will not balloon back up to 255 pounds. 



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