Sunday, September 6, 2015

Minimizing Computers

Last night I arrived at my house and found my house essentially left wide open. My house is on the market and realtors have been coming in and showing my house. I found my front door deadbolt had not be locked and also my back door was left completely unlocked. Also, after talking to my neighbors, they said the side door to my garage had been left unlocked too. Luckily, I live in a pretty good area of town, and I have a state trooper who lives down the street from me. Nothing looked out of place, and it didn't look like anyone had entered my house outside of house showings. But I was still really annoyed and ended up calling my realtor after 10 P.M. (which isn't really polite) to express my frustration.

I had taken most of the important items out of my house, but I still had one of my computers there. I started thinking of worst case scenarios and how easy it would have been for someone to walk into my house and take whatever they wanted. I started to think about how my technology should be able to come with me where I travel, and how I shouldn't have to worry about it when I'm not here. I also thought about how spread out I am across all my different computers and devices.

I need to start making a plan for minimizing for computers/devices, and also a plan for better security on them. I shouldn't have to worry about my personal space being completely unlocked in the future, but it is still something to think about. I've been more worried about my information being compromised from hackers for a long time now, and not worried about someone physically stealing or compromising my information. Once I get settled into my new place, I will fully review which computers/devices I don't need anymore. I will minimize my chances for my information to be compromised.



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