Saturday, September 12, 2015

Leveling the Playing Field

I am not a huge fan of football, but I do enjoy watching from time to time. I do enjoy watching the in-state rivalry between Iowa State and Iowa. It's really the only ISU game I care about. Unfortunately, the Cyclones lost today. Unfortunately, football is a lot about money as well. What frustrates me the most is that I can't watch the games I want to watch. I don't want to watch every ISU game, but I wish I could have watched today's game. I should be able to go onto iTunes, the Play Store, YouTube, or even ESPN and watch/stream 1 single game. Since I probably wouldn't "own" the game, and be able to watch it later, the most I would pay for this is $5. I usually buy movies from the Play Store for around $10, but I also get to keep them forever, and watch them again when I want to. 

I believe live-streaming apps are going to change this. Today, I got on Periscope and found someone streaming the game. The quality was terrible, but I at least got to see live inside of Jack Trice Stadium. As cameras, batteries, and internet speeds get better, I hope there is more of this live streaming for sports events. I love that the power is slowing shifting back into the hands of consumers. As Periscope, and other live-streaming apps grow, I'm sure concerts and games will try and stop this live-streaming. If someone is live-streaming a game free for people to watch, how would the college or NFL team make money? I don't believe they'll be able to block cell phone signals or block single apps. Although, I wouldn't put it past the NFL or a big sports corporation to come up with a technology to block live-streaming apps. I hope these apps make the people in charge of college football and NFL think about expanding ways for audiences to view games. Cable is dying, and streaming will soon be king. Please give me the option to watch games when I want. I'm willing to pay, just not pay for a whole package of games/shows I'm not going to watch. 

Periscope App - Zoomed in on Iowa

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