Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Half Marathon

On Labor Day 2013 I "ran" 13.1 miles. I didn't quite run the whole distance, but I did jog most of it, and only until the last mile did I move at a pace faster than walking but not quite jogging. That day marked the farthest distance I had ever worked out. I had been jogging/semi-running that entire summer. Before this day, the furthest I had gone was 10 miles, and before that 8 miles. The jump from 8 to 10 miles wasn't terrible, so I decided I should try jumping from 10 miles to a half marathon distance. I did this half marathon specifically on an extra day off from work. This wasn't an organized race. This was me doing this on my own, with my running app to track my distance. 

There are a couple of parts that stick out in my mind when I think about this workout. I remember when I went through my town's trail system. I had never gone this way before and it very well designed for walkers, runners, bikers, and roller bladers. It was really nice, but I never ended up going back there. I had my routes that I liked running and at that point, I would quit jogging in around a month's time. The other part of that workout that sticks out in my mind is the end. I almost walked the end, but I made myself move faster than a walking pace. I don't even know if it was faster than a walking pace, but I kept the motion of jogging. 

About 2 years later, on Labor Day 2015, I didn't do anything that came close to this. By the numbers, I weigh less today than I did 2 years ago on the day I jogged this 13.1 miles. But 2 years ago I was in a lot better shape from running all summer and my health was great compared to now. It still seems weird that I was able to accomplish this distance because I was never an athlete and never played organized sports. 

Note - I specifically edited out my time since it took a long time. 



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