Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Indoor Track

Tonight I went for a walk on an indoor track. I haven't consistently exercised for a long time now, but I'm hoping this blog will change that. In the summer and early fall of 2013, I used to jog almost every single night. The town I lived in had great sidewalks, trails, and school tracks. I am back living in an area where I should have access to good walking and running routes. Back around the end of October of 2013 is when I stopped jogging. It was getting darker out earlier, and winter was coming. I gained a lot of weight back that winter and I haven't actively ran since then.

My goal before fall hits is to find some nice trails to walk and run on, and enjoy those before winter comes. When winter does come, I will utilize the indoor track a lot to maintain my jogging.

I will need to get some new shoes soon, since the ones I have are about a year and a half old. Once I get some new shoes, I will slowly start working my way back to jogging. The key will be to consistently walk or jog every night.

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