Friday, September 25, 2015

Dividend Paying Companies

One of my goals this week was to research and invest in 5 dividend paying companies. The companies I invest in should have sustainability programs or their products should promote sustainability. I ended up buying one share of nine different companies. These companies were -

  1. CL - Colgate Palmolive
  2. DE - John Deere
  3. GE - General Electric
  4. INTC - Intel Corporation
  5. JNJ - Johnson & Johnson
  6. MSFT - Microsoft Corporation
  7. T - AT&T Inc
  8. UL - Unilever
  9. VZ - Verizon Communications
I didn't do a ton of research on these companies. Previous knowledge of these companies, and a little bit of looking into ones I didn't know that well, I know they all pay dividends. Quite a few of these companies make products that I personally use, and they are products I've used for a long time. I don't think any of them are contributing to any major harm to the environment. I know I read something about Unilever not too long ago, and I think it had something to do with waste water, but don't quote me on that. Every major company nowadays is going to have to have a sustainability program of some kind. There is an expectation of it now, as more people are becoming aware of environmental issues. I will do more research and make sure these are companies that I want to stick with. 

Lastly, since I was using Robinhood to buy these stocks, I could buy individual shares. With my other brokerage account, and paying a $9.99 commission to buy stocks, I usually bought multiples of one stock. I bought multiples because with buying and selling at $9.99, that is $19.98 of gains that have to occur before any amount above that becomes a profit.



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