Monday, September 14, 2015

Challenges in Posting

A lot of my posts so far have been about minimalism, investing, and technology. This is only MIT of MITCH. Conservation and health haven't been talked about as much. I have slowly started back into a healthier lifestyle. I am trying to eat less meat and eat more fruits and vegetables. I am also trying to eat these fruits and vegetables before they go bad. This means being intentional about what I buy and making a plan to eat it before it starts to rot. I also need to make sure I am at least walking every single night. Building a routine is difficult, but it needs to be done.

As far as conservation goes, I knew this topic was going to be one of the more difficult ones. I need to first analyze my waste stream and see where I can reduce waste volume going to the landfill. As with being intentional about what foods I buy, I also need to be intentional about everything I buy. Food, clothes, technology, and toys all come with lots of packaging. I'll need to analyze how to buy these things while keeping my waste stream down. I can also learn more about how my city handles recycling. After I take care of my waste stream, I can work on educating my neighbors about minimizing trash going to the landfill.

Posts about conservation and health haven't been too common yet, but they will be. I've found some great bloggers that blog about both of these topics and I hope to be reading their posts and interacting with them soon!



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